The challenges business leaders face today are highly complex and inter-related, no one person or organisation has all of the answers, skills or resources, so we have chosen to partner with brightest and the best, the most passionate and skilled, on topics that we feel would bring most value and support to leaders in our chosen sectors.

According to the CIPD, 70 per cent of employers in the UK have improved their physical environments to encourage healthy behaviours since 2017, demonstrating that businesses are taking notice. A wellness plan is a critical strategy for making employees happier, and happy staff are fundamental in winning cultures, which ultimately improve your company’s bottom line.

Saltwater have sought to identify a partner who not only understand the pressures inherent in the todays corporate context, but also very specifically facing professionals in the staffing sector – we are delighted therefore to be able to introduce you to Georga Cottle and her team at Wellness HQ.


Wellness HQ

Georga Cottle

Founder & CEO

Inspired by Georga’s own journey of wellness and personal desire to bring industry professionals together, Wellness HQ is a platform to connect wellness professionals with consumers, corporates and education sectors through, online, networking, retreats and workshops.

Having personally experienced one, we would recommend the Wellness HQ 6 Pillar Retreat – a two-day exploration for senior management teams to develop leadership skills with take-home practices to make positive changes that will boost energy levels, productivity and positivity in the workplace long-term. Set in the most idyllic and peaceful spot, their immersive workshops and talks provided by top experts cover topics such as stress management, EQ, and sleep to give you the tools to ensure your staff are working at optimal performance. Their range of holistic therapies and classes included in your stay will make sure you leave feeling revitalised, refreshed, and ready to take control of your own wellbeing.

Book a call quoting SALTWATER and discuss how Wellness HQ can help you address healthy behaviours for you and your staff, and remember a happy team is a profitable team!

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Business leaders who work with an executive coach can benefit by having an experienced accountability partner who assists them with effective leadership, optimal performance, and career advancement, as well as identifying blind spots and roadblocks. Furthermore, leading businesses can be a lonely job, and having an executive coach can also provide you with a safe environment to reflect and refocus on confidential issues, or issues that are important to you. They can also act as a sounding board; something that tends to be less regular the more senior you become.

Saltwater facilitates coaching and mentoring for staffing businesses today, however in order address demand and bring expertise to our corporate clients we have bolstered our capability by partnering with Steve Vinnicombe Coaching, a long term business contact and friend, who has successfully transitioned into a thriving coaching and NED portfolio.


Steve Vinnicombe Coaching

Steve Vinnicombe


Steve provides customised individual and team coaching programmes based on proven executive experience and formal coaching qualifications. Having held leadership positions in management consultancies for 20+ years, he has a rich catalogue of successful (and less successful) experiences to place at your service. Steve is a qualified Coach Practitioner (EQA, EMCC).

As the CEO of Capco in the UK he was accountable for 650 people and a £100m business. Over his 6 years at the firm they grew at 25% CAGR and were voted a Sunday Times “Best Company to Work For”. Earlier in his career, he spent 11 years at Accenture responsible for leading complex change programmes at UK and US financial institutions.

Through this, he has come to understand the expectations of the modern business environment: the demands of leadership, the dynamics of competition and performance, questions of “meaning” at work as well as its impact on the personal aspects of life. Book a call quoting SALTWATER and discuss how Steve Vinnicombe Coaching can help you navigate your role as leader and how to best address your business challenges!

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Much emphasis is given to training rookies the art of recruitment in the staffing industry, equipping them to stand-alone and trade in a competitive market. As consultants mature they are naturally faced with the career segway of management, or elite individual contribution, and it’s at this stage that investment in training for personal development and role effectiveness tends to dry up.

Saltwater recognises the strength of a senior management team as being a key operational requirement and value driver in any organisation. We are big believers in the correlation of business to sport, and how training at every level, for any eventuality, increases performance on the pitch – as such we are delighted to bring you our partnership with Team Head Coach, who have devised a programme to equip leadership teams and senior staff with a toolkit to create and sustain high performance cultures.


Team Head Coach

Michael Whatman


Team Head Coach (THC) is a recruitment specific training company that combines 20 years of experience within elite sport with a further 15 years experience within the recruitment sector. THC specialises in enabling leadership teams to create a high performance culture, collaborate effectively and develop winning mind-sets. As well as driving performance in consultants who may be experiencing a plateau in their results.

A straight talking, plain English approach that blends techniques from professional sport and real world business. They build their approach on the belief that doing is improving, so the training will be highly experiential and practical with group discussions, interactive activities, live skills application and time-bound projects.

THC’s mission is to empower as many leaders in recruitment as possible to build teams that win, with these teams being made up of engaged and dynamic recruiters who reach their full potential.

If you are a business owner looking to improve profit per head, increase retention and grow your recruitment business … instead of losing great talent and getting frustrated with your leaders becoming a bottle neck in the business, then book a call quoting SALTWATER and discuss how THC can help you scale your business into a winning organisation!

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