Our services have been developed to support business owners and leaders in the staffing sector, as well as those industry leaders endeavouring to unlock talent challenges.

A Non Executive Director brings independent thinking and a fresh perspective to the Board Room. The extraneous factors that may affect a business can be changes in legislation, changes in competition, products or services and an effective value adding NED is a very cost effective tool in challenging complacency in the Board Room.

Choosing the one who fits your circumstances will be dependent on where you are on the maturity curve. Saltwater focuses on supporting business leaders with challenges associated with the growth agenda, broadening the horizons and experience of existing executive directors, facilitating the cross-fertilisation of ideas, particularly in terms of business strategy and planning.

Leveraging expertise in the business of recruitment, talent acquisition and structuring for fast growth, to assist business leaders with developing, communicating, executing and sustaining strategic initiatives. Saltwater offers expertise in the following areas:


  • Expert sounding board for owners and directors
  • Creation and execution of company vision, strategy and business plans
  • Business transformation strategies
  • Optimising business operations
  • Market focus and development strategies
  • Hiring and retention strategies
  • Key staff motivation and rewards
  • Sales and marketing strategies

Defined as work being project based, outside of a client’s business-as-usual and where there is a clear end point for Saltwater involvement as a service provider. Responsibility for the final outcome or on-going service largely rests with the client. Saltwater offers expertise in the following disciplines:


  • Business transformation
  • Business turnarounds
  • Client strategies
  • Product strategies
  • Industry expert due diligence
  • Sales management coaching
  • Profit improvement

With significant experience of managing complex and critical hiring projects and programmes in a local and international context, Saltwater has the capability to own your most important or challenging projects through to completion, whether personally delivered or through managing your internal talent acquisition and recruiting partners.


  • Retained executive search
  • Retained managed talent acquisition
  • Talent acquisition strategies
  • Optimising internal talent acquisition team performance
  • Effective supply chain establishment
  • Quality of hire management/measurement
  • Fast Start – probation coaching